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Is Britain’s tax regime too complicated?

No matter where we go, Doing Business raises local concerns: some British newspapers have been arguing that Britain’s tax regime is too complicated, and have seized on Doing Business as evidence. (Comments?)

Comments: less is more

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution ran a little experiment as to whether comments should be open or closed on his blog. His conclusions:

1. Visitor stats rise considerably.  But this happens so quickly, I believe it is people hitting "reload" to read additional comments, rather than more readers.

China’s best places for business

1. Hangzhou  --  A Marco Polo favorite
2. Wuxi  --  Industrial hub near Shanghai
3. Shanghai  --  China's international business capital
4. Dalian  --  Popular among Japanese investors
5. Beijing  --  Hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics
6. Suzhou  --  Multinational manufacturing mecca
7. Ningbo  --  Big port rivals nearby Shanghai
8. Nanjing  --  Military city finds new success

Nominations for 2006 World Business Awards

IBLF, UNDP and the ICC are seeking nominations for the World Business Awards in support of the Millennium Development Goals. The nominations process was launched September 12. See the explanatory brochure or nominate a deserving project - you have until December 31, 2005.

The diary of Angelina Jolie

...(and Jeffrey Sachs). The two have teamed up with MTV to document a recent trip through Africa to highlight the MDGs. The show debuts tonight in the US. (via AdamSmithee)

Also, see Sach's Financial Times blog - yesterday he discussed "private initiatives at the World Summit."